Do you know your organization's key financial metrics monthly, and in a timely manner?

Do you need to know more than just what your monthly bookkeeping and accounting data tell you about budget-to-actuals?

Do your leaders have the quality financial reporting for your organization?

Do you wish that your finance and fundraising teams worked more effectively together?


Mike got the job done. When he came in, we had severe accounting issues, unreconciled accounts, and a general lack of confidence in our financial information. Mike slogged through 3 years of financial data, implemented a close process, built a department and most importantly gave our executive team and me confidence in the numbers. I wouldn't hesitate to call on him again in a tough finance and/or accounting situation.

- Kevin O'Shaughnessey, former VP and General Manager at College Summit


We can help. Here's some background:

As kid, I was great at math: math pentathlete, high school math competitions, etc. During college, I started a second job working as a bookkeeper and tax preparer before joining the global CPA firm Ernst & Young. I worked as an auditor, and earned my CPA before getting my MBA at Notre Dame - and then applying those business, finance, and accounting skills in the nonprofit sector.

I served in several staff roles at different organizations where I have turned around the entire financial operations so that the organization could provide accurate and timely data - and actually know what they were dealing with. These turnarounds have led to multiple cases of increased fundraising results (!) because their funders now felt confident that the finances were "handled."

For the last several years, my career has been focused on fundraising for organizations. To help nonprofits raise a lot more money than their current results, I've led my clients into doing the math:  How much do we need to raise - and why - and then working with them to build revenue targets that get them where they want to go. Great math provides an excellent foundation to build an effective and compelling fundraising case.


Finance services we offer to help your organization:

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