Gemm Consulting

Our Mission:

To dramatically improve the impact of non-profits.

Regardless of whether your non-profit reaches 2 people or 2,000,000 you deserve the best chance at fundraising and talent acquisition.


“Nonprofits desperately want to have more impact...and it's often the "business" side that is the problem, especially fundraising and finances.”

- Mike Gemm



We are a team

Jessica and Mike started working together over a decade ago when they were married. Ever since then they have lived out their individual passions with excellence. As of today, they’ve joined forces to serve you. Welcome to Gemm Consulting.

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We specialize in results.

We'll help you get results through improved fundraising, accurate financial data, and transformational coaching for leaders and their teams.

After 16 years in the business, our team knows how to optimize everything from the hiring process to the fundraising sprint. Regardless of your need, we can help.



Million Dollars Raised

Leveraging our knowlege of the non-profit sector and the financial realities of today, we’ve helped optimize…



nonprofits around the world

Helping them do what they do best, but better we’ve seen incredible growth in our clients for the last…



years in the business

We’re just getting started on the next chapter and can’t wait for 35 more years empowering people like you.